Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cross-Country Race, October 27, 2012

On Saturday, October 27th, the school turned out en masse to cheer classmates from Junior, Middle and Senior Schools in the Annual Cross-Country Race, a Hebron - Lushington tradition for well over 50 years.

The Junior School started things out with stretches to limber up their muscles, followed by cheers for the Gold and Blue Houses.  They are so cute!

And they're off! The students set off full of ambition and competition to win their race.

This generation is growing up wired and totally comfortable with video recording. Watch the cute Junior School interviews and the witty Senior School students. I think our students are amazing in front of the camera!

"Cheering each other Home!" I am somehow moved by how many students cheered the rest of their friends across the finish line.   In one case, at the beginning of this video clip, an older sister waited for her younger sister so they could run the final lap around the Pitch together. Touching.... 

 And the winners for Junior and Senior Schools are....

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