Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elizabeth Verghese Memorial Service

Early on the morning of October 10th, Miss Elizabeth Verghese, Hebron School International Guest (IG), was ushered into the presence of her Lord and Savior. 

Her passing was completely unexpected, and left the entire school body in a state of shock.  During her relatively brief, two-month service at Hebron School, Elizabeth touched many lives. 

Below are a few excerpts from Elizabeth's Memorial Service, held on October 26, 2012

Principal Barclay opened the Memorial Service with a few introductory remarks.

He went on to speak a little of Elizabeth's academic and professional background before she joined the staff as an IG.

Elizabeth was a person of great Christian faith;  Principal Barclay shared some of Elizabeth's spiritual pilgrimage as reflected in what she shared on her application form to join Hebron

Mr. Barclay continued by speaking to some of the details surrounding the last few days of Elizabeth's life among us.

In closing a couple of friends talked of their memories from Elizabeth's childhood and more recently from her time at Hebron School.

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