Monday, October 22, 2012

Drama Festival Awards, Oct 12, 2012

The closing event of this year's Drama Festival came on Friday, October 12th, when our panel of distinguished judges (Mr. Norwyn Cole, Mrs. Mary Passmore, and Mrs. Valsa George) announced the winners for best supporting and best actors/actresses in the three senior class dramas:  "Romeo and Julie, The Moonstone and Wicked." 

Unfortunately as the full names of the students were used in the giving of these awards, school policy, in order to protect the identity of students, does not allow us to post these clips on our blog.

The moment of highest drama, however, came when Mr. Cole, speaking on behalf of the distinguished judges' panel, announced the winner of "Best Drama for 2012."

After this final award from our judges, Mr. Barclay asked former Principal Rod Gilbert to join him on stage to present a special, "Lifetime Achievement Award" to Tom and Valsa George for 25 years of unstinting service in planning, administrating, managing and orchestrating Hebron's Annual Drama Festivals.

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