Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Everything you wanted to know about the Hebron CANTEEN...

....but might be afraid to sample!"

Our alumni have been chatting a lot on Face Book about the Hebron Canteen. It seems that some of them never had a canteen to enjoy, and others who came along later had very little pocket money to spend there.

Some A Level Students who serve on the "Alumni Team" shot video yesterday of our school canteen and I thought you might enjoy watching it.

Please NOTE that Canteen snacks form a very small part of our students' intake. The meals prepared by our kitchen staff at Lushington and at Selborne are designed to assure a healthy, balanced diet.

These kids at Hebron are very media savvy. Just point a camera at them and they become accomplished actors. I think you will enjoy the humour in these two, short clips.

An Interview with our Canteen Manager

Funny scenes around the Canteen yesterday

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