Thursday, September 13, 2012

62nd Annual Inter-School Athletics Event

Last Tuesday through Friday Hebron was one of the hosts at the 62nd Annual Inter-School [Sports] Athletics Event in Wellington, Tamil Nadu. The stadium in Wellington has sure changed since my (Bill Tarter's) last visit in 1965, and the event has grown to include 26 schools.

Between video shot by Mr. Barlcay and myself, I have put together a "highlights reel" for each of the four days of this amazing sports event.

Day One: Early heats and highlights of various Hebron athletes. Ashish was a real "cut up" at the beginning of this short clip. Song and Samyang on discus. Josh, Abi, Jeannette and Harvey on high jump.

Day Two: Ester and Barney in the 1,500 metres final, Rachel and Amy in 400 metres, and Hebron volunteers on "clean-up" duty to keep the facilities ship shape each day.

Day Three: Guahar and Amy in 200 metres final races, and again the faithful Hebron "clean-up" crew who served us, and all the participating schools each day.

Day Four: Last week you saw volunteers from Middle School going through their marching drills. In the video below watch their command performance! Plus the Super Senior Girls in the 4x100 metre relay.

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