Friday, August 10, 2012

Staff Retreat and Preparation for a New School Year

Almost all of our teachers, IGs (International Guests), dorm parents and staff have returned to Ooty after the long holiday, and are preparing for the beginning of a new school year on August 16th.

We are having our Staff Retreat (August 9 - 12) and Principal John Barclay opened the Retreat by sharing the miracle of God's provision of replacements for 20 staff who left at the end of the last school year.

Mrs. Janine Barclay then introduced some of the IG's (International Guests) who have joined the Hebron team for this semester.

When we left on holiday in July, the facade of Lushington Hall was just beginning a process of deconstruction, reconstruction and repair. It looked as though an earthquake had taken place!

Now we can see the "reconstruction" that has carefully taken place to preserve the integrity of the original look of Lushington Hall.

The painters begin their work on Saturday and everything should be ready for the students' return on August 15th.

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