Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Memorial Service for Faredun "Freddy" Chinoy

Faredun "Freddy" Chinoy was well-loved by his classmates and all who knew him. He would have graduated with the class of 2011, but had to set aside his studies for treatment of aggressive cancer. Despite the best therapies available to Freddy and his family, the cancer eventually took his life at a hospital in Hong Kong on June 27, 2012

Sunday evening, 26 August, 2012, the Hebron community came together to mourn the death and celebrate the life of Freddy Chinoy. Freddy's father, his sisters, and his niece joined us. It was a moving service as classmates, friends and staff spoke of the impact Freddy had had on their life.

Below are a few video clips of highlights from this celebration of Freddy's life.
Words of welcome by Principal John Barclay at Freddy Chinoy's memorial service.

A few A-Level students share their memories of Freddy Chinoy and offer prayers.

David Bogi, former classmate of Freddy Chinoy, shares his memories of Freddy and reads a poem composed by another of Freddy's classmates.

David Bogi sings a tribute to Freddy, a song they used to sing together often before he "passed."

In 2005 another Hebron student, Zothanpari Pantu, died of cancer.

Mr. George shares "Hebron Highlights" comments from Zothanpari's classmates about her, and then reads aloud a letter from her parents to the family of Freddy Chinoy, in their bereavement.

Mr. Tom George Sings "The New 23rd Psalm" as a tribute to Freddy...

In closing, Freddy Chinoy's eldest sister, Farrah, read a statement on behalf of her father. Mr. Barclay then closed the Memorial Service with a benediction.

Below is a slideshow compiled by Principal John Barclay from the things shared during this memorial service.

A full version of the memorial service can be downloaded or view from the link below:


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